In 2016, Coventry members will begin transitioning to Aetna systems. As part of the change, Coventry is issuing members new ID cards.  Coventry is offering four preferred networks in 2016. These networks will be in Joplin, Missouri, Topeka, Kansas and Wichita, Kansas.  The cards will say either Joplin Preferred, Wichita Preferred, Topeka Preferred or Kansas Connector Preferred. 

Preferred Networks are made up of doctors that are affiliated with or employed by the following hospitals.  

Joplin Preferred: Mercy Health System

Topeka Preferred: St. Francis Health

Wichita Preferred and Kansas Connector Preferred:  Wesley Medical Center

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WPPA, Providrs Care

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FMH CoreSource

Preferred Health Systems

Pinnacle Care PHO manages the critical communication link between our members and our participating payor partners. By logging in to our exclusive web site, members gain quick and easy access to important plan information, current fee schedules, documents, and much more. 


Preferred Health Systems is now officially Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Inc.
Our participation agreement is now with Coventry.  All references to Preferred Health Systems in our agreement have been changed to Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Inc.
In time, they will simply be known as Aetna. Member's benefits are not changing because of the name change.  New and replacement ID cards will have the Coventry logo. Preferred Health Systems has been removed from Please call 1-866-427-9719 with any questions.

Century Health Solutions, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement with WPPA (ProviDRs Care) whereby WPPA acquired its Provider Network, including all client service contracts and a majority of its participating provider agreements.    

As a result the Century Network will no longer exist.  Pinnacle Care PHO has a direct contract with WPPA so there will be no impact or changes for our membership.    
Century will be re-pricing claims incurred up to June 14, 2015.  Claims incurred on and after date of closing, June 15, 2015, should be submitted according to instructions on new member identification cards issued on or around the closing date. 
Century and WPPA will be working collaboratively to exchange misdirected claims for a limited period of thirty (30) days to assist providers with this transition.

Membership has its privileges

As of November 1, 2015 WPPA, Inc. Providrs Care are utilizing and have access to the CAQH data bank. Another good reason to make sure any changes or additions in your practice are sent to Pinnacle Care as well as current insurance certificates and medical licenses.   Pinnacle Care will maintain your application making sure all of the information listed is current and contact you if there are any issues with your account.

Physician Hospital Organization

On January 1st FMH CoreSource changed their name to CoreSource.T he address has been changed to You can view claim history and eligibility information on the website.

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